Mary and Lindsey- Bald Head Island, NC

A few days before I headed to Bald Head Island, NC, I decided I wanted to find a few couples to take photos of while being there. I randomly posted on Instagram hoping someone would be interested but I knew it was probably a shot in the dark. But to my surprise a great friend saw my post, and told her friends about it and they happened to be at the beach at the same time! What a small world! I was so stoked to take Lindsey and Mary’s engagement photos.

We met up at the light house and rode around the island looking for cool spots to take photos. Bald Head only always people to drive golf carts, which is so much fun! It forces people to slow down and enjoy their time at the beach. So that’s what we did.

Just from the short amount of time I spent with the two of them, it’s obvious how much love they have for each other. They were so nice and up for anything I proposed. A change of scenery was refreshing and much needed. The clouds finally opened up to an amazing, colorful sunset. It was a pretty great night.

Ring: Bario Neal

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