Alex and Jordan on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Alex and Jordan were one of the winners from my sunset photoshoot giveaway! I cannot believe how beautiful they turned out! We had the best time crawling under fences, treading through tall grass and stepping over cow poop. The weather was perfect, almost a little chilly which is surprising for midsummer in NC.

Alex and Jordan were freakin’ dream boats from the time we started taking pictures to the end of the session where Jordan tipped his hat off to the cows and told them goodnight. I wish we could have hung out all night on that hill. They were the sweetest couple to photograph and were down for ANYTHING!

I loved getting creative with them and trying a few things out that I normally wouldn’t. I wish all my photoshoots were giveaways because the no strings attached approach always ends up being my favorite shoots! (I hope that makes sense). Anyways, check out these shots from our time together and let me know what you think! Thanks Jordan and Alex for hanging with me!


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